Wednesday morning

Whatever was ailing Basso seems to have passed and he was much brighter yesterday and eating normally.  I took my car to kwik fit and they had a look at all the wheels but could find no reason for the intermittent squealing.  They did the tyre pressures while they were at it and were happy that it was safe. Now what did they charge me for this service ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I was flabbergasted, getting anything for free is so rare these days.   

Just to make my life complete my freezer is playing up so this morning I will be contacting Bosch and try and get it looked at before it packs up completely which would be a bit of a disaster which I am trying not to think about.  I am sure it will pack up while I am on holiday so I had better get it sorted out now.  I am hopeful that it is just the electronics that are having a bad day as the food is still frozen, however, it is difficult to tell if it is all slowly defrosting and I am almost afraid to go and check it this morning.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!  If I get on and book an engineer on line before they are out of bed I may stand a chance of someone coming soon.  However, I have to find all the relevant model numbers and they are bound to be in the most inaccessible place.  Wish me luck groveling about in the garage with a pen and torch!!!!  If it looks like it is defrosting I will be cooking the most expensive item today so we will have to wait and see.

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