Tuesday Morning

What a lovely day yesterday was it was sunny and warm.  The dogs got their regulation walk and had a grand time.  We had been so lucky with our training session as we needed long grass to hide dummies in and by yesterday the whole field had been cut for hay so we only just made it.  My laundry dried well on the line and I managed to get my chores done by 1pm which meant I could go and have a rest.  I got my new sim card but as of last night is was still non functional but I know it can take 24 hours before they get it switched on.  Anyway lets hope it functions a bit better in Suffolk once we get there.  

For lunch we had the ostrich steaks that I got in Aldi and I must admit I was very surprised at just how delicious they were.  They were in a marinade of some kind and the instructions said to fry for one minute each side then add the marinade for a further 30 seconds so total cooking time 2.5 minutes.  Given the thickness of the meat I was a little sceptical but they were perfect and very tender.  I wonder if they are like squid which you can either cook for 3 minute or 3 hours and anything in between will result in chewy rubber.  The remainder of the piperade and a baked potato made for an excellent meal.  For supper I just did a very simple spaghetti carbonara.  Mike had yet another really bad day not physically but mentally and took to his bed for most of the day.  He appeared for supper but was like a bear with sore head and not very pleasant company.  He was tasked with loading the dishwasher but this morning I find everything on the kitchen surface all nicely dried on.  So as I type I have three sinks filled with hot soapy water so I can get it all cleared up before Denny arrives.  I really don't want her wasting her time doing the washing up!!!!

I hope Mark is in a good mood after his holiday as he will be very disappointed at the state of the garden.  I started to clear a bed but then got sidetracked with the freezer debacle so it is just a complete mess.  To me it looks like a daunting job but he is young and strong so it will probably only take him a couple of minutes to make good.  Anyway, I will be scuttling off to the hairdresser at 9am so I will be missing for about an hour.  I usually spend some time walking the garden with Mark pointing out things I would like done and he can accomplish in three hours what would take me three weeks.  As soon as it is light I will have to do a patrol and clear little doggy messages so at least he has a clear field in which to work.

I will get Mike's bed changed today and leave both James and mine until the weekend so that we have nice clean beds to return to.  If this good weather holds for another week we should have a decent stay in the caravan.  With two of us I may even put the awning out.  I know that Shiona would like it up and has volunteered to take it home with her if it is wet as I have no way to dry it at home unless I use next doors lawn to lay it on.  The house next door has been empty for a few weeks and Gary came yesterday to make good a bit of painting before the house goes on the market.  This is where we have to pray we get nice neighbours.  So far we have been very lucky and all the people who have owned or rented the adjoining house have been really nice people.  

Today is launch day for the iPhone 6 which I must admit I have had my eye on but I will wait until some of the reviews come out before I think of getting one.  I still have the very old iPhone 2 so it is time to upgrade I think.  I am hoping the camera facilities will be very good so I will no longer need a separate camera when I am out and about.  Well that is my excuse/rationalisation.  Pretty feeble really.

Now I know this is not a site for politics but I would be very interested in what you feel about the forthcoming Scottish referendum.  Should they stay or should they go and why does no one ask us? Did Hadrian have the right idea?????  At what point does nationalism become fascism???? Is Alex Salmond just out to make a mark in history as the destroyer of the union??  Anyway, I am very ambivalent about it all and not sure what would be the best outcome.  I guess we'll just have to just wait and see and lets hope it doesn't have far reaching effects we have not yet thought of.  On that pithy note I will leave you to ponder while I go and get on with the mundane chores of life.

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