Tuesday morning

Sadness has given way to excitement after a fruitless search through the reputable breeders in the UK I have found a litter in France.  As you know we are close to the channel and it would only be a 4 hour journey the other side to Calvados and half the mileage to Scotland so not a problem.  Importing apparently is easy once the pups are old enough for a rabies injection they then have to wait 21 days before being imported. These very early days are vitally important in socialisation so the breeder has offered to help with that.  My previous breeder has vetted the pedigree and is happy they are good dogs.  In fact she judged the bitch at crufts and the dog is a real cracker.  

I am now organising to go to France at the end of October and make a choice.  Then pick up day will be just before Christmas.  Could anyone wish for a better present.  I'm glad you think, as I do, that this is the best possible therapy for me.  Next problem will be choosing a name that is appropriate for an Italian dog.

Yesterday was a flurry of emails back and forth and the poor pups were woken for a photo session so they are all a bit sleepy.  Anyway lots of thinking and planning which will occupy my mind which is just what the doctor ordered.  

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