Tuesday Morning



Well as you can see from the photos the gap has now been trellis filled and once the plants have covered it we will be afforded a degree of privacy.  My neighbours keep their compost directly behind the little fountain and as they are keen gardeners they are constantly using it.  The line of sight is directly into my dining room and kitchen but this should act as a sight screen.  It will also shade the small pond and so keep the water from turning green.

This is Clematis napaulensis which I hope will cover the trellis quite quickly.

We had shot out bright and early to the vet with Basso who is very weak and very thin.  He seems to be improving and only has one more day of antibiotics then we are back to the vet on Thursday morning.  In the mean time we are trying to feed him up so he is being fed like a puppy with about 5 meals a day.  He is being spoiled rotten and given anything he fancies.  Last night he had his antibiotics with salami which he thought was great.  I had boiled a big pot of rice and chicken which he demolished and followed it with a donner kebab.  So there is nothing wrong with his appetite.  He also has a passion for pasta so I thought I would go through the cupboard and boil up the half packets that are not quite enough for us.  This will kill two birds with one stone and clear my cupboard of odds and ends.

I am pleased to say that this morning although I woke early there was no panic so I am much more comfortable if a bit shattered.  I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep yesterday afternoon so that too has helped.  Denny is due this morning so the house will be clean and tidy which takes a load off my shoulders.  Mike used to do all the finances but that now has fallen to me so I have lots of extra work to do.  I would like to set up a spreadsheet to keep track of all the insurance payments etc so they don't catch me by surprise.

Lunch today will be a simple and quick just a grilled sirloin steak with mushroom tomatoes and potato wedges.  Which I can get all prepared before Denny arrives and give her a clear run at the kitchen.  I watched Jamie Oliver make the ultimate shepherd's pie with a whole slow roast shoulder of lamb.  The recipe really appealed to me as I am into comfort food at the moment.  This pie has mash on the bottom and the sides and is filled with really chunky lamb and vegetables.  If you too fancy this dish here is the web address http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/shepherd-s-pie .  It is a fair amount of work but looks like a real treat.

Yesterday started of very cold but as the day wore on it warmed up and we even had a bit of sun in the afternoon.  Today we are destined to be cloud covered so an ideal day for a bit of gardening.  The clematis is not due for delivery until the end of October so that will have to wait.  In the mean time I will get some fuchsia cutting and hope for the best.  The one thing about gardening is that it is so forgiving if you fail you can always try again.  I have some bulbs which need to be planted so that will keep me occupied for a while and keep me out of Denny's way.

Tomorrow is destined to be a busy day Len and Margaret are coming to visit Mike in the morning and then he is due for his assessment in the afternoon.  Then I have to clear the dining room of loose furniture ready for the carpet cleaner on Thursday morning.  Keeping busy I think is by far the best way to deal with my life as it stops me thinking and focuses my attention on mundane matters.

Have a good day all - I intend to

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