Tuesday morning

Just when you think it can't get any worse.  Yesterday morning was spent at the vets with Basso who now has a high fever and a large lump in his neck.  I think it is a lymph gland and I am hoping it is swollen in response to an infection.  I can't even begin to think of the other more serious things it could be. Fortunately my wonderful vet is still in practice until the end of the month so lets hope things are sorted out by then.  He had a blood test and an antibiotic injection but despite the fact that he is eating he has lost half a stone in weight.  Anyway that is where we will be starting this morning so we will be at the vets at 8.30am and hope that it is good news.  I say we because James has volunteered to help and drive me to the vet.  This is a great help as parking at the vets is all but impossible so it helps to have a driver, plus the fact that Basso doesn't want to get in the car and it take two of us to manhandle him into the back.

I chased up the advice to seek counselling for myself but first I need an appointment with the GP so I can fill out a pile of forms. So that will just have to wait until things settle a bit. I also tried to get some sort of idea when the psychiatric assessment for Mike may happen but no news on that front we are still in limbo just waiting. Perhaps this weeks holiday was just never meant to be.

I popped into Aldi to stock up on milk and bits and as usual the car park had its fair share of Mercedes and BMW's but I was stunned to see this car in the carpark.

This is an Overfinch Range Rover which retails at £140,000 
I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a Lamborghini or a Maserati, blow Fortnum and Mason, Aldi is the place to be seen!!!!

I rang Sandy to thank her for the lovely lunch only to find that they had had a death in the family overnight so she is up to her armpits dealing with that. It was not unexpected but rather sooner than they thought. Sometimes I feel like a catastrophe magnet.  

Shiona was driving back down from Scotland yesterday and I am almost afraid to ring her.  She too has her fair share of problems with her mother in an elderly care home so far away and trying to clear out and sell her property on Loch Fyne.  

Please tell me you have good things happening at least the weather is gorgeous at the moment.

p.s. just tried to book appointment with GP on line appointment service.  The system seems to have crashed no appointment with any GP at any time or any surgery.  Great!!!!!!

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