Tuesday morning

Happy days I managed to get all my monthly chores done and even finished the ironing.  Then it was a buzz around Aldi to resupply the fridge.  However, that was no easy task as it was absolutely heaving and it took me 20 minutes to find a parking space.  Of course I forgot it was pay day and everyone was out shopping.  Fortunately it was a cold lunch of gravlax and potato salad and once that was done I saw it was just starting to rain so I shot out and lit my bonfire and got that all burned off very quickly as it was all nice dry material.  On the other hand I then smelled of bon fire so it was into the shower for me and my clothes into the washing machine. It rained quite heavily last night so I got the stuff burned just in time. Supper was a frikadellen with some baked beans and an egg so again nothing too taxing then early to bed after a satisfying day.  

This morning I have to be at kwik fit at 8.30 when they open and they are going to have a look at my wheels.  I have an annoying squeak which only appears a very low speed and is an intermittent fault so I thought it best to have the car checked over before we set off to tow the caravan.  I also have to take a trip to the vet to pick up some Advantix for the dogs.  The forest is full of rabbits and deer so they tend to pick up ticks and fleas.  However, I am going to hold off applying it for a couple of days as Basso is very under the weather and running a small temperature.  It is really unlike him to be unwell and we are hoping it is just a passing infection/cold.  He has been off his food for a couple of days - he is eating but not with the usual enthusiasm and the usual quantity.  

Mark the gardener is back from his holidays bearing a kilo of parmesan and hopefully coming to give me three hours work on Friday which I desperately need.  There is loads to do in the garden and it has been weighing heavily on my mind, so I am delighted he is back.  

I have also decided that I must buy myself a few clothes as I possess almost nothing without a hole or some problem and I haven't bought anything in the last two years.  I live in jeans and polo shirts but everything wears out in the end.  I also need to have my annual underwear replacement session so that will be a trip to M&S.  I am hoping to get all this sorted before my holiday so there is nothing to stop me relaxing and enjoying the break.  

Well that is the plan for the day now to hit Landsend for a couple of new shirts which I can order online.  If there is one thing I truly hate it is clothes shopping!!!!!

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