Thursday Morning

Good morning all, yesterday was a bit of a trial with Basso having very bad day and refusing to eat.  I tried to tempt him with everything I know he loves but he was having none of it.  Not even frankfurters would tempt him.  Fortunately he is still drinking so at least he is not dehydrated but he spent most of the day lying under a bush in the garden.  We are off to the vet this morning so we will have to see what he says.  I have to keep reminding myself that getting over pneumonia will take time and it has only been just over a week which is no time at all.

Mike got his assessment from the psychiatric nurse who was a really very nice chap, who I will call T. I filled in some of the background detail of what has been happening and then he went on to speak with Mike.  Yes he is very depressed and the advice he was given is exactly what I have been trying to tell him for months.  Perhaps he will now see it as advice rather than nagging.  Anyway T is going to visit on a weekly basis to check on his progress and also they are going to change his medication. I am hopeful that this might be the catalyst for a change in his attitude.

Personally I feel like a dish cloth but whether this is due to the tablets or just the relief from so much stress I am uncertain.  I have a bit of a double booking this morning as the man who is doing the carpets is due to arrive at 9am and I will be at the vet at that time.  I had intentions of clearing the dining room of loose furniture last night but ran out of gas so it will have to be done this morning.  With that in mind I will close and start getting on with it.  I think today will have to be a pasty for lunch and take away for supper as the kitchen will be full of furniture and out of bounds.
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