Thursday Morning

This morning will start with a visit to the vet as usual but at least we have an idea of what we are dealing with.  Basso now has a diagnosis of bronchopneumonia as his white cell count was completely off the scale.  He is still running a fever but he just looks for cool places to lie and rest fortunately his appetite is still good so we are giving him quite a bit extra to help with all the calories he is burning in his effort to fight off this infection.  In fact he had a donner kebab for lunch yesterday as Mike left most of his.  I am working on the principle that the sick need good nourishing food if they are to recover well. I know I was going to roast the chicken for lunch but I just plain ran out of gas having been up from 2am.  By about 11am I was like a wet dish cloth, coming down from an adrenalin high leaves you feeling very tired.  

I did virtually nothing yesterday but what the hell I am on holiday!!!!! The washing that had been on the line for 24 hours was still quite damp as the weather has been very misty and cloudy so I gave up on it and brought it in.  One piece of good news is that the cheque arrived for our solar panel payment.  For the first three quarters of this year we have made in excess of £1,000, not to be sneezed at and hopefully it will cover our costs for both electricity and gas.  

Yesterday evening I had a lovely chat with a friend who lives in France, in fact we chatted so long her phone ran out power!!!! I tried to phone her back but nothing doing. She is a lovely understanding person who has had her fair share of troubles so she really gets what a strain this is on me. I have a standing invitation to visit her but getting away is really difficult. One day I will make it. Shiona is popping over today so we can commiserate with each other.  I think she is going to leave her dogs at home as it seems silly to expose them to Basso who though not contagious is infectious.  Poor Tubby doesn't know what is happening his best mate doesn't want to play with him any more.  

I must admit that my day of indolence yesterday has recharged my batteries somewhat and I feel less tired today.  Mike seems a bit happier now that he has a date and time for his assessment and the hope of some treatment for his depression.  His current medication is completely useless so maybe a change of antidepressants might make a difference.  I have been trying for ages got get him to the doctor but he has always refused.  He has a very victorian attitude to mental health in that he thinks there are only 2 mental states - sane or crazy and nothing in between.  His view of depression was that it is just an excuse for feeling a bit down and all that is needed is to pull yourself together.  I think the penny has finally dropped and he now knows the one thing a depressed person cannot do is pull themselves together and snap out of it.

Well that about it for this morning I am off to the kitchen to make preparations for lunch while I still have the energy then it is off to the vet for 8.30am.   
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