Thursday Morning

I managed to sleep last night knowing James is staying with friends, but where we go from here is anybodies guess.  Today, I will set too and cancel the holiday and I will make arrangements to go and stay with Shiona when she gets back from Scotland.  She did suggest I go and stay in her house now but frankly clattering around her house by myself would just give me time to think.  I really don't need to be alone at the moment. The one good thing is that I can take the dogs with me when I go.   What was a mess, is now a full blown disaster for James I believe the crisis intervention team are going to come and see him today but it is all out of my hands now.  I as usual am caught fairly and squarely in the middle and am emotionally torn in two.  However, if there is blame to be attached then Mike can take that.  Provoking wounded animals is a recipe for disaster. We all knew that these living arrangements would need some give and take from all concerned but it seems to have been a bit one sided.  

On the good news front I now have a mobile phone that works but even that was a trauma.  When I finally got the cancellation from O2 I then had to change the sim cards over and in so doing I dropped the new one on the floor.  Where is was chewed to bits by one of the dogs, so it was back to the shop for yet another sim card and finally yesterday afternoon the phone came on line.  Also on the plus side all my friends have rallied around me like a warm blanket.  Elaine came immediately to check on me.  Angela phoned me with offers of sanctuary as did Shiona as yet I haven't told Sandy what has happened but I know she will be eager to help too.  In fact she has just phoned me and I am off with the dogs to her house for the day.    I think I need to put a bit of space between us and I am moving into self preservation mode.  If I go down the whole pack of cards will crumble.

Sorry if this makes depressing reading but that's life and at least I don't live in Gaza so things could be worse.

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