Thursday morning

Yesterday I spent the day organising an engineer to come and look at my freezer which is definitely on the blink.  For this reason the door has remained closed in the hope of saving some of the contents. Any meat which has defrosted will have to be cooked before refreezing but there are plenty of odds and ends which will no doubt end up in the bin.  Unfortunately I couldn't get anyone until tomorrow morning so I will just have to wait and see what the outcome is.

I did however make a big pot of borlotti bean and pasta soup made with the chicken stock from the sunday roast chicken.  There is still a portion left for today though the pasta has soaked up all the stock so it will need to be let down with some more stock or water.  For once the local takeaways may come in handy.  

Sandy is coming over with her new dog for a training session and we are going to try him with cold game.  I have a hen pheasant which has been in the freezer since last season and is now defrosted so that will be good practice.  He has not been trained with dummies so he thinks they are toys and is reluctant to give them back.  I was warned early on not to let the dog have the dummies to play with they are only used for training purposes and are very definitely mine.  After the training session we thought we would take ourselves to the pub for lunch.  The men will have to make do with what is around or get a pasty from the baker.  I think meals will be a bit topsy turvy until the freezer problems are sorted out.  I only hope that it can be fixed, if not we are in big trouble.  You don't realise how heavily you rely on something until it goes wrong. With our holiday just 10 days away I really don't need a major problem right now.  I may have to rethink how I am going to deal with Mike if I can't prepare him some frozen meals.  Anyway we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I had a bit of a purge in the garden yesterday and cut down some of the really long bamboo canes which will be very useful in the garden.  I need a big wigwam for one of the clematis and also some long canes for my jumbo lilies so they will not go to waste. They are currently tied to the umbrella while they dry off a bit.  This area is a real mess at the moment but I am waiting until after the holiday to get some trellis put up and then I can clear the area and make it look a bit better.

Actually I have a list a mile long but most of the jobs need doing over the winter period so I will have to wait until the leaves are down before getting stuck in.  If there is one thing I am really very bad at it is waiting.  I am a real strike while the iron is hot sort of person.  The vegetable garden has been left fallow this year and is now a weed garden so the dilemma is whether to spray it with weed killer or do the job on my hands and knees.  Once the weeds are dealt with it can be dug over and the winter weather can do the rest of the work.  Aldi have this ash hoover on offer today for £30 and while I don't have any open fires I do have lots of sheds and the garage which need hoovering out.  I think it will be ideal for this purpose and should be heavy duty so that will be my first port of call this morning.

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