Sunday morning

Chilean guava

I ordered two of these plants but three arrived so I handed one on to Sandy and the photo is her plant in fruit.  Mine have done absolutely nothing perhaps next year.  They look very like blueberries but taste more like strawberries.  Having tasted some of Sandy's I hope mine do better as the fruit is really lovely and as they are hardy down to -10ºC they should survive the winter.  My garden has suffered this year as my priorities have been elsewhere.  

I think Basso is improving slightly he is panting a little less but yesterday he refused his food in the morning so while I was out shopping I found a piece of rump steak going cheap.  I frightened it with a frying pan and then chopped it up once rested and this was acceptable.  I also bought a cheap chicken which went into the pot with the stock from the last hen.  The resulting broth was lovely and did us nicely for supper.  Today I will pull the meat off the carcass and we will be sharing it with the dogs.  For us a cold poached chicken and mayo type lunch and for supper a sirloin steak each.  It comes to something when we are eating what is bought for the dog rather than the other way around. At the moment I am giving Basso anything he asks for rather like you do with a sick child. I remember as a child in Nigeria I had malaria and they wanted me to drink plenty so I was bought an entire case of coca cola which was like buying champagne and probably cost just as much.  I remember it to this day as I really thought I had died and gone to heaven.  One bottle was a real treat an entire case of 12 was unheard of.

Yesterday was another muggy warm wet day and according to the forecast we are in for the same today.  I have been trying to catch up on some sleep which is what I had intended to do on my holiday.  While medication has its part to play I feel that what is really needed is rest and relaxation away from all the mayhem that is home.  I find it difficult to look at a pile of washing or a sink full of washing up and just walk away.  I know that I am just postponing the work and I feel guilty which is not a recipe for relaxation.  

Well it is now 6am and time for Basso to have his antibiotics it seems a shame to wake him but he will soon go back to sleep.  I do envy dogs their ability to just snooze if there is nothing going on then burst into life as soon as something interesting happens.

Have a nice day all.

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