Sunday morning

After all the stress of the freezer problems this week I feel fairly shattered but at least today the freezer will be back up and running.  I switched it back on late yesterday when I had finished cleaning it out and today it will be time to refill it.  I am going to try to fill it with some sort of order so it stays tidy.  However, I think this is a vain hope as I am sure it will end up in the usual muddle in no time at all.  In my life I have had both upright and chest freezers and find it hard to decide which is best, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.  When I had half a pig to deal with the upright was all but useless but chest freezers are prone to the loss of small things which will fall to the bottom and get forgotten.  In an ideal world I suppose one of each would be good or better still a walk in freezer but that will have to wait for the lottery win.

The big pile of turkey livers was duly made into liver cake for the dogs.  I blitzed them in the thermomix and added an egg and quite a bit of wholemeal flour until I had a sort of sloppy batter which was then baked at 150 for a couple of hours then it was cut into small pieces and put back in the oven to dry off some more.  Once it was all done and cooled I vacuum packed the pieces in small bags so they will keep fresh for quite a while.  Needless to say I had 3 very attentive sous chefs in attendance all offering to taste test my work.  

I also had a rabbit that needed dealing with it had sat in a sink of brine overnight.  In the end I prepared it as I would for a rabbit pie.  The meat was stripped from the bones which were then put to make the stock.  Finally the floured meat was browned along with the vegetables and the stock added. Once the stock had reduced to all but nothing I added a splash of cream and served it with a pile of mash and some broccoli.   It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. 

I took myself on a small shopping spree to our local outlet shopping area situated in what was the old dockyard.  Cotton traders had a sale on and I needed a good wet weather coat for the winter so I managed to get one which is big enough for me to wear a gillet underneath so I can be both warm and dry.  While I was at it I went into the M&S outlet store and restocked my underwear draw.  If there is one thing I hate more than anything it is shopping for clothes.  So I am feeling much relieved that that bit is done.  

Today being Sunday the shops don't open until 10am so I have plenty of time to have a shower and get my act together before I hit both Aldi and Tesco.  I can stock the freezer with easy meals for Mike while we are away and for once there will be plenty of room to store them.  I will also look for something quick and easy for lunch today as I am not going to have time to mess about in the kitchen. I am also now on the countdown to our holiday and I need to get my head in gear for that and make sure that we have clean clothes to pack - not that you need much for a week.  The caravan has clothes for extremes of weather already in it.  Shorts and vest tops for heat, warm fleeces and jog bottoms for cold.  As far as food is concerned we will have a sandwich for lunch on the way up and fish and chips for supper when we arrive.  So all I need to take is the basics for breakfast then I can hit the shops of Suffolk for some good stuff and believe me we will be spoiled for choice.

This will be Tubby's first caravan holiday so he will have to learn the rules but I am sure Basso will show him the way.  I can't wait to see his face when he sees the miles and miles of forest he will have to play in.

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