Saturday Morning

Good morning all yesterday was a bit of down day in this house with no one feeling the full ticket apart from Tubby.  Basso is still very unwell and I have set an alarm to make sure he gets his antibiotics evenly divided.  I personally think this is important with antibiotics as it keeps the blood levels even and the bacteria don't get any time off to regroup.  My visit to the doctor was strange I saw some unknown doctor so he needed filling in on the situation.  I explained that I had just about reached breaking point and had been advised to see the primary carers counselling team.  He recommended that I try a quicker route and gave me a number to telephone.  This I did and left a message on their answer machine at 12 midday - now I am waiting for the return call.  He has also given me some sleeping tablets one of which I took at 2am so it gave me 4 hours which is not bad and better than nothing.  He has also put me on some tablets to reduce my stress levels but when I read up about them the side effects list includes almost every symptom you can imagine including depression and insomnia. Sounds just the ticket!!!! They do take time to take effect but the bit that really annoys me is that they are exacerbated by grapefruit juice.  I don't drink alcohol as it does not agree with me so I run on coffee or pink grapefruit squash which I like as it is not too sweet. I guess I am on water only now.  Coffee I am careful with and never drink any after lunch.  As you know I have a fancy coffee machine which makes really good coffee.  The caffeine content is not that great as the water passes through very fast and has little time to dissolve the caffeine, which is water soluble, hence I avoid cafetiere coffee.  Ok, so why not decaf, well when you research how they get the caffeine out of the coffee you will understand why I avoid that too.  As you know I try to avoid over processed food off all types.  I prefer to mess around with the natural ingredients myself wherever possible.

Now on to the Scottish thing; I for one am glad the results have turned out as they did but I think Alex Salmond has kicked a hornet's nest and I hope that the disappointed folks don't decide to cause any trouble and can accept the will of the majority.

The weather here was really warm yesterday poor Basso was looking for a cool place to lie so I turned on a fan for him but he is very restless pacing around panting.  I find myself in the trap of what to do about a fever.  It is a reaction by the immune system - bacteria don't like heat so I am a believer in only reducing fevers when they are extremely high and likely to cause further problem.  Dogs run at 101 - 102 ºF in old money [38.3 to 38.8ºC not so easy to read].  I have no veterinary experience but I treat dogs as I would a human and hope for the best.  High protein to build antibodies and high calorie to stop him burning his muscles for fuel.  Anyway fingers crossed he pulls through.  

This morning we are in the middle of a cloud, it is damp and misty and very autumnal but still very warm.  I am going to get out to the supermarket bright and early as I am devoid of vegetables having cancelled my delivery for the week I was due to be away.

Well thats about it for today I hope you are all impressed that I am being good and doing what I am told. LOL

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