Saturday morning

Sometimes thing work out for the best and what looks like a disaster actually turns out to be a benefit. The freezer engineer too one look at the freezer and told me it was jammed up with ice following my inadvertent leaving of the door ajar.  The cure is to empty it and leave it switched off for two days while it melts all the ice then switch it back on and start again.  As luck would have it I didn't have too much expensive stuff in it so I managed to cram the best stuff into the other freezer took out some bits to cook and the rest got binned but I think we are only talking about £20 worth of stuff.  Now this is the best bit the guy was on a £95 call out fee but he refused to charge me, for which I was duly grateful.  

In the process of emptying the freezer I discovered things I didn't know existed and stuff that had been in there for more than a year so it was a good exercise to clean it out completely.  I have always wanted to have some rationale for the freezer so as to keep it tidy but no matter how often I try it always gets into a complete muddle.  I am open to any suggestions; I have at least learned that you must label things having once mistaken liver pate for chocolate dessert.  The dogs did rather well having black pudding for breakfast and shepherds pie for supper.  Today I intend to make a big batch of liver cake for the dogs as I have loads of turkey livers.  We will be having the rabbit which has been in brine overnight and will be fricased for lunch.  Once the freezer is back up and running I will then have to organise 14 meals for Mike while we are away so he will have little to do.

James was up at the crack of dawn this morning and decided to take the dogs for an early walk. Much to his surprise Basso pegged a wood pigeon and brought it to him but he was reluctant to give it up in case Tubby got it.  However Tubby was duly impressed by his uncles ability to hunt down a meal if necessary.  Nip got fed up with the walk and took himself back to the car.  He is a very old man now and is not interested in long walks.  Hence we are not taking him camping as he is a bit of a pain when he refuses to walk with us, anyway he will be company for Mike. 

Well now it is onward and upward and get stuck into the cooking of the liver cake not something I relish first thing in the morning.  Still beggars can't be choosers so I had better gird up my loins and get on with it.

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