Monday morning

Yesterday was a day of restocking the freezer  now that it is back up and running smoothly and I had a trawl around both Aldi and Tesco.  Having spent a large proportion of the morning in the shops lunch had to be a sort of quick meal.  I made some small meat balls which I cooked in the swedish style, that is simmered in some broth.  Once the meatballs were done I fished out a portion to freeze and to the remainder I added some soba noodles and some finely sliced cavolo nero and carrot.  It sounds a bit weird but actually tasted very nice.  Light but tasty and remarkably filling.  The meatballs were  made with 50/50 beef and pork mince with added breadcrumbs garlic and herbs.  For supper we had an old standby; a piperade with scrambled eggs and toast.  I have a portion of the peppers left so they will make a nice accompaniment for our ostrich steaks which we are having for lunch today.  They were on special offer in Aldi and I am a sucker for a bargain. I think a jacket potato would complete the meal.  

I stocked one draw in the freezer with easy stuff for Mike while we are away.  I must admit I was embarrassed with my tolley contents as you know I am not one for pre prepared microwave food. Anyway, it is what he wanted and there are a couple of meals for one that I rescued from the freezer disaster. 

Tomorrow is going to be hell on wheels as I have Deny coming at 8am as well as Mark the gardener and I have a hair appointment at 9am.  If all goes according to plan I will come home to a clean house and tidy garden.  I put a load of washing on before bed last night so as soon as it is light I can get that out to dry.  Yesterday morning we were wreathed in mist for a good few hours before the sun burned it off.  It is very autumnal and some of the leaves are already beginning to turn colour.  Lets just hope that next week's weather is reasonable.  While we don't go on holiday for the weather it does make life easier if it is dry.  Wet dogs and confined spaces are not to be recommended.  Today I am going to visit the vodafone shop and change my sim card from O2.  I am concerned leaving Mike and would like to be in contact but the site we use is very difficult for a signal.  Friends who use vodafone have assured me that it has the best coverage so I think this might put my mind at rest.  The last thing I want is a week away worrying.  Various friends have been asked to pop in and check on him so hopefully all will be well.

Ok the sun is just climbing above the trees so it is out with the washing.  Have a good day all 

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