Monday morning

Good morning all I am up a bit late this morning the emotional weekend really knocked me sideways. But I have made the decision to actively look for another Spinone but sadly it is no easy task as they have started to become popular and the breeders are all inundated with requests.  I have also got my name down with the rehoming people.    You may think this is a bit odd so soon after my loss but the hole in the house and the one in my heart need to be filled.  It also gives me a positive focus.  I waited well over a year for Basso so it could well be a long haul.  In the mean time I would like to thank you all for your kind words.  Most of my friends are dog owners so they know what it is like to lose your best friend.  James stepped into the breech and made sure we were all fed and watered and Tubby has rallied and is eating again.  Life goes on in its own mundane way.  

Today being Monday I have the usual huge pile of washing and I also need to plan out what we are going to eat for the week.  After the freezer debacle it is fairly empty so perhaps a shopping spree is in order.  In all the mayhem I forgot to order my vegetable box but I hope I have reinstituted my regular order as from next Tuesday.  

I am glad to say Mikes chest has stopped bubbling so at least that is not yet another problem.  He is due for a visit from his caseworker tomorrow and hopefully he will be bringing a new prescription for antidepressants which may actually work this time.  

Today I would also like to change over the window boxes outside the kitchen.  I have some bulbs to plant as well.  The winter boxes have been left at the far end of the garden for the summer but now is the time to make the change over.  I usually stick a few winter pansy's in the boxes to give a bit of colour and brighten the darker days of winter.

Well that about it for this morning have a good day all.

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