Monday Morning

I have been itching to take some cuttings of the fuchsia but there is not a single shoot that isn't flowering.  I had a good look at it yesterday and I think in the end I will have to take cuttings from a flowering shoot and hope for the best.  It has made a magnificent show of colour and though it is supposed to be hardy I am doubtful.

Basso is improving slightly he is panting less and coughing a bit more which I hope is his lungs clearing.  The lump in his neck has reduced from the size of an orange to the size of an egg so that too is a hopeful sign.  We are off to the vet first thing this morning so I hope for some good news. Fortunately he is still eating well provided it is not dog food!!!! Yesterday he had a big bowl of rice with poached chicken which he demolished with gusto.  

The medication the doctor gave me is, doing exactly what is says on the tin, it is making things worse. I was woken at 3am having a nice panic attack so it is going to be fun getting through the initial stages before the benefits kick in.  According to what I have read this can take between 2-8 weeks and I guess I will just have to weather the storm.  The panic attacks really make me mad because I know what they are and why they are happening I even understand the chemistry but it doesn't help. I suppose the only saving grace is that I don't feel depressed and suicidal as well. Funnily enough sitting here writing rubbish is a good distraction and takes my focus off my my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest.  

Today for lunch I have some meatballs which I will serve with a tomato sauce and pasta, nice and easy filling and comforting.  Had I had my holiday I would be into all the washing and clearing up but I am spared that as I did all the washing yesterday.  Tomorrow Denny is due so a bit of a tidy is in order and at some point Mark is coming to erect the trellis.  He was not sure when.  It could be as early as today but we will just have to wait and see.  I am hoping it will make a bit of difference to the large gap I currently have and once it is covered with plant it should look good.  I have a winter flowering clematis on order which will hopefully make some quick growth.  I have been keeping an eye on the pond and the water level doesn't seem to have dropped again so hopefully we are not looking at a punctured liner.  Given the size of the pond finding a hole would be an impossibility.   

Well thats about it for this morning it is now nearly 6am and time for Basso's antibiotics.  Fortunately he takes them well provided they are well hidden in something delicious.  Have a good day all, I think I am going to need my afternoon rest today.

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