Monday morning

Yesterday I had a busy morning dog walking and getting a few bits sorted at home then filling the car with diesel before setting off to Sandy for Sunday lunch.  How lovely to have a meal cooked for you for a change and what a meal it was.  Roast lamb with a huge assortment of lovely vegetables all from her new allotment.  She had also made a lovely crumble but I was too full to participate.  

I know I am late but I had a really rotten night and didn't get to sleep until about 4am which is  when I usually get up.  Anyway James has come round and taken the dogs for their walk while I slowly come to consciousness over a large mug of coffee.

I am hoping that at some point today I might hear if and when they will be coming to see Mike and hopefully do something to help him.  I too am going to investigate a counselling program for people who are dealing with difficult home situations.  I am not too proud to accept help if I can find some but I believe I need a GP referral so that is where I will start.  Currently I am coping all be it in a bit of a raggedy fashion.  Mental health is not my forte and though I did do some psychiatry in my training it was a very long time ago.  I know enough to recognise depression when I see it but it is a creeping insidious sort of condition.  Running a psychiatric ward here at home is a bit beyond my capacity.  Give my physical problems any day those I know how to deal with.  

I also need to do a bit of shopping so I think I will buy a few things that need a lot of cooking which will give me a bit of focus.  As you know happiness for me is cooking and my kitchen is my sanctuary.  I have just read a recipe, from another blogger in Trieste Italy, for a spinach risotto with blobs of clotted cream on top to finish it off.  Sounds really good to me, I think I could eat sawdust with clotted cream!!!!

Thank you all for your comments it makes me feel good to know that you are out there and though this blog is really written for my benefit, that you take the time to read and comment is very pleasing.
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