Monday Morning

I think the chicken recipe was a big success and a very pleasant change from a bog standard roast. The recipe can be found on this site  It is a bit involved though not difficult.  I used only one chilli as I know mine are blow your head off hot and in the eating between the salad and the chickpeas the chicken almost becomes superfluous.

After my walk with the dogs I needed a darne of salmon to make gravlax with so as the fishmonger was closed I thought I would try Tesco's fish counter.  Would you believe they refused to sell me anything less than the entire fish.  I was not much in the mood to have a knock down fight so I just informed them that I would go to Morrisons.  However, when I got home, with my salmon, I was still seething having had to drive several miles out of my way so I rang Tesco to inform them that their staff were trying to lose them business.  I hope whoever was on the fish counter got the backside kicked!!!!

I got the gravlax made and in the fridge so it was ready to cut off a couple of slices at supper time which we had on toast following a bowl of gazpacho which had been marinating for 24 hours.  All in all a very good days grub.

Today being the first of the month I have my monthly list of chores to do.  Starting with the meter readings and bank reconciliation both of which are indoor computer jobs.  Then it will be dogs ears and the pond filter to clean and last but not least the kitchen knives to sharpen. None of the jobs are particularly onerous but they are all easily forgotten so if I do them all on the first day of the month they do get done.

Now here is something to brighten your day - a photo of Sandy's new boy Luke.  He looks huge in the photo but he is really quite a small lab.  I think Sandy must have laid on the ground to take this photo!!!  He is already part trained so I don't think she will have any trouble getting him up to scratch by the start of the shooting season in October.

Well time for some number crunching and I still haven't tackled the big pile of ironing somehow I always find something more important to do!!!!!!

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