Friday morning

After a very scary day with Basso we were at the vets bright and early having put all the dogs in the car.  Basso had another blood test and some anti inflammatory as well as a broader spectrum antibiotic injection.   We then had a slow trip around the shops and a little walk for the other dogs so that the guy had freedom to do the carpets.  Well the carpets are clean and Basso is back off to the vet this morning once I have managed to get another urine specimen from him.   As the carpet was damp we had an early brunch and evacuated the dining room to leave the carpet to dry fortunately the weather was kind and we left the furniture in the garden until it was completely dry before putting it back. Sometimes the weather is on your side.  By the evening Basso had brightened up and had started to eat again and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  He is as weak as a kitten so I think this is going to be a long haul to get well again.  I have already said I will not be attending the shoot to pick up this season as he is so poorly.  Mike is making some efforts to comply with what T has asked him to do but I notice that his chest is bubbling again so I hope we are not in for another chest infection in the house.

As we had eaten an early lunch and the kitchen was full of furniture we decided to have a takeaway curry and for the first time in ages Basso came and asked for a portion.  Needless to say he duly received one.  Not any great quantity as we didn't want to upset his stomach but it is so good to see him interested again.

Today I am hoping that Mark is coming to sort out some of the garden which is looking very overgrown.   I also have a visit from someone who is coming to see if I need any help but she is suggesting some group support which is very definitely not my style.  I have a good support network of friends so I don't think this would be of any benefit to me.  I'm sure there are plenty of people in carer situations who have no one to support them and they would indeed find this helpful.  Anyway we will see what she has to say.  At the moment I feel reasonably OK and I feel that I am managing by muddling through.  I would like a break but all the time the dog is ill and Mike is so depressed I am going nowhere.  Once they are on the mend I may well take Shiona up on her offer of a couple of days at her house just for a change of scenery.

Well time I got underway there is lots happening this morning so I had better get my act together it is just beginning to get light and I hear the shower calling me.
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