Friday Morning

First of all many thanks Joy for the offer of a bolt hole.  I am very fortunate that I have lots of friends who have offered me sanctuary. I think I will take up Shionas offer as she has the room for both me and the dogs. The dust is beginning to settle - the holiday has all been cancelled and James is still with his friends but we are going to meet up today and take the dogs for a walk.  Which will give us a bit of time to talk over what is the best course of action for all concerned.  

Yesterday morning I shot off to Sandy's house with the dogs in the car and after I had been treated for "shock" with a large mug of hot sweet tea and a slice of toast and bovril we took the dogs out for a nice long run and ended up on a bench in the churchyard where we sat and chatted for a while.  Sandy took some nice photos of the dogs but as yet she hasn't sent them through to me.  When she does I will post them for you to see.  Sandy has lived in her village all her life so the churchyard is filled with her friends and family and is a place she naturally gravitates to in times of trouble. 

These pictures are from google images that show the field and churchyard

By the time I got home around lunchtime I was poleaxed tired and took myself off to bed to see if I could catch up on some sleep.  Today I am going to look into getting some respite care for Mike.  I think a change of scene would do him good and might make him appreciate just how lucky he is.  It would also give us a bit of breathing space while we sort out the current mess.

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