Friday Morning

Yesterday's training session saw Basso retrieve from water for the first time ever and that was purely because he had some competition from young Luke.

Sandy and I had a nice walk down by the estuary.  The tide was out so there was only the paddling pool to do water work.  However there is a huge field with long grass which is ideal for hiding game and sending the dogs to look for it.  I'm glad to say that the dogs got on well together and soon realised that they were work colleagues not rivals.

After our training session we took ourselves off to the pub for lunch then as the pub is near the M2 Sandy went off home and I returned home with my very happy dog.

This morning I am expecting the engineer to come and look at my freezer and I must admit I woke in a cold sweat at the thought of it.  I could be in for lots of expense and loads of work still maybe I am just being a pessimist and it will all turn out fine.  I just want it sorted so I can move on!!!!

I have a pasta bolognese and salad for lunch so that is not a problem and I will be free to deal with the freezer whatever happens.  I got the ash hoover from Aldi yesterday and it is just perfect for what I have in mind.  It is very light and has no bag so you just empty the bucket part and the nozzle is nice and wide so it will pick up lots of debris.  It also has a blow function which means I can blow the mess into a corner then hoover it up.  Now all I have to do is put my good intentions into action and I will have the cleanest sheds ever.  Much as I would like to get stuck in today I will have to wait until the freezer debacle is sorted out.  I think I will have to occupy myself with some deep cleaning in the kitchen there are always cupboards that could use a clean and tidy.  Cats and hot tin roofs come to mind!!!!!!!

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