Firday Morning

Good morning all.  I was awakened at 3am by a big downpour it only lasted a couple of minutes but it came down in buckets full.  Basso is still a very poorly boy but we have moved on to tablets instead of injections.  Then it is back to the vet on Monday morning.  Shiona came over and we had a nice chat she is a very sensible person and I do listen to her advice.  She was in need of some shopping so we hit Aldi for a few bits and bobs while the chicken roasted itself in the halogen oven.  I had done some mash and peas, really imaginative, and gravy.  However, given my general apathy, even that was a miracle.  The cold chicken got chopped up and mixed with some chopped ham and mayo to make a nice filling for some sandwiches for supper.  The carcass has left me with some lovely stock and a plateful of bits of gristle and skin for the dogs.  Basso still has an appetite which is good but he is not too keen on dog food however chicken is irresistible.  I bought a packet of cheese triangles as I find them very useful for hiding tablets in for the dogs.  The men have been warned to keep their sticky mitts off them.  

Finally I have organised to have my diningroom and hall carpet cleaned and the guy is coming next thursday morning.  Mark the gardener rang to say he was ready to erect the trellis and it could be as early as monday but he is going to ring me and confirm today.  He also has a customer who has had a pond tragedy with the local foxes eating most of their fish.  They need to restock and Mark knows I have way too many fish in my pond and I am desperate to get rid of some so it seems like a win win situation.

I know that we seem to have had poor service from our local hospital but the latest scandal is of some poor chap who was finally diagnosed with a fractured spine but only on the fourth visit to the hospital and this follows on from the poor guy with the broken leg which was not diagnosed until after it had spontaneously healed despite numerous visits to the hospital.  In the light of these cases I guess we got off lightly.  Today I am off to the surgery in the hopes of getting some form of support via the primary carer counselling service.  However, I am not holding my breath as no doubt there will be a long wait.  Being the cynic that I am I wonder if we are an experiment in a new form of triage - wait long enough and your patient numbers will diminish thus reducing costs.  A proportion will die, some will get better naturally, some will give up and pay, which just leaves the strong, poor and patient people needing treatment.  Accessing psychiatry is easy by comparison all you need do is run naked down the high street throwing bricks through shop windows and you will get immediate treatment.  Sorry couldn't resist that one!!!!!  As you can tell my warped sense of humour is still intact.

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