Wenesday morning

Yesterday was a chilly day with big black clouds often appearing so the washing is still in the machine.  As it happened it didn't rain but it sure looked as if it was imminent.  Today I will take the risk and get the washing on the line and hope for the best.   

This morning we have to be at the vet by 8.30 as Tubby is going in for a small operation and will be coming home this evening short of some of his crown jewels.  I think the timing is just right as he has been showing signs of the raging hormones of adolescence.  Given the numbers of dogs being destroyed it seems very unfair to bring anymore into the world.  It is also unfair on Tubby who will not get the opportunity to use the equipment anyway.  Basso is intact but that was only because I had visions of breeding from him and showing him but now that that is no longer on the agenda he has passed the point of maximum benefit and he is a very docile dog.  Having said that he and Tubby had their first real fight yesterday over ownership of a toy and Basso ended up throwing Tubby in the pond.  60 kilo of dog in full attack mode is a pretty scary sight.  Since the fight [no blood drawn] Tubby has treated Basso with considerably more respect.  It is always the quiet ones you need to watch out for because when the blow they really blow.

Yesterday evening I went out to dinner with Sandy to a lobster and crab night at a hotel in Faversham which was rather nice and we each got half a lobster and whole dressed crab along with a multitude of salads and different flavoured mayonnaise.  However while the food was fine Sandy was very down in the dumps having just been firmly stabbed in the back by a person she considered a friend.  Betrayal is always a very painful thing.  Details are not important but her hopes for the new hunting season have been dashed.  Her current picking up dog is having trouble with his elbows so she doesn't want to work him too hard and was hopeful of another dog ready for this year.  Anyway she is still at the sad stage but is beginning to get angry which is the first stage in the healing process.  

Today I have Shiona coming over to visit and as yet I have nothing planned for lunch so maybe she can give me some inspiration.  However first and foremost I need to get the bins out for the bin men and get my washing on the line as the sky looks clear and there is a little breeze blowing.  If the weather follows the usual format it will be raining by lunch time.

Until tomorrow folks have a good day.

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