Wednesday morning

Yesterday was another day of rain it poured for most of the day.  Denny came and did her stuff so now the house looks a bit more like a home and less like a rubbish tip.  James was called in early to work so his lunch became his supper and he made himself a bacon sandwich before he left.  I had done some pork belly strips which were cooked very slowly in the halogen oven with a homemade barbecue sauce with which a I served baked beans and saute potatoes.  My box of vegetables had padron peppers rather than chillies - these are a bit like Russian roulette as they are generally mild but the occasional one will blow your head off.  I fried them off in a little olive oil in true spanish style and served them as a sort of tapas dish.

As it happened there were no beetroots but there was a bunch of turnips, another of my not so favorite vegetables so no I will have to do a bit of research on what to do with them. Any ideas would be very welcome.  There is plenty to be done with turnip tops but the roots are more of a challenge.

The arboriculturalist [tree surgeon] came around 5pm and had a look at the garden and what needed to be done with the various trees.  I agreed the estimate and am hoping he will be able to do the job on Friday so it will all be in order when I go on my holiday and that will be another major job done.  

At the moment it is not raining so it would be a good time to clear the garden of the dog poo which is liberally scatter around and owing to the rain has not yet been cleared.  I also need to get the bins out for the bin men.  According to the weather forecast today might be dry so a good day to get these jobs done.  Lunch is already done as I put a pound of mince in the slow cooker yesterday with some onions and tomatoes and I have a load of tiny potatoes already boiled.  With lunch already done I can devote my attention to the garden which is looking terrible at the moment.  The vegetable beds are knee high in weeds, the chicken run looks like a bomb has exploded in it.  Every evening around 7pm Tubby and Basso go out for a game and have successfully kicked most of the earth from the bay tree beds onto the pathway.  

I had a chat with Denny with regard to some fencing as her husband is in that line of business and she agreed with me on what was needed so I have left that in her hands.  Hopefully by next spring things will be a bit more in order and I can devote a bit more time to the garden.  It is sad to see it go to rack and ruin but gardening is very forgiving and most things can be put right with a bit of effort.

On that happy note I am off to sort out the rubbish and get the bins out for the bin men.  Then I can get myself in order and out for a walk with the dogs before the weather changes.  Have a good day all and make the most of the dry weather if you are lucky enough to have some.

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