Wednesday morning

The days are definitely getting shorter now.  I got up at 5am and it was pitch dark with a huge moon in the sky and only now is the sun starting to creep over the horizon.  

As soon as Dennie arrived yesterday morning James and I took the dogs out for their walk.  This is a double whammy as it gives Dennie some time to work without the dogs milling around and makes us take them out good and early.  We took them to the estuary and though the tide was out there was plenty of water, from the storms, in the paddling pools so they had a whale of a time.  The water was deep enough to reach Tubby's chest but only came half way up Basso's legs.  While we were there we met a pair of young Great Danes who were really pleased to play in the water with some friends.  On the way home we swung past Aldi and dived in and got a couple more packets of the prawns which are safely tucked in the freezer.  Once back home the dogs were happy to collapse and snooze and dry off in the sun.  It was a largely dry day with one big shower in the afternoon but as luck would have it I saw the black clouds approaching and just got my laundry in in time.

I made the cottage pie for lunch and I was hoping that my veg box would arrive in time but sadly they have a new delivery person who doesn't get to us until very late in the afternoon.  So the runner beans will have to be part of todays menu though as yet I am not quite sure how they will fit in or with what.  I also have some borlotti beans which will end up in a soup with some pasta.  I have a few in the garden so I think I will pick them and add them to this lot as I don't think there are enough for a meal on their own.  I feel that I have really neglected the garden this season but I have had my hands full with my damaged men and I am not getting any younger.  I must admit that the weather now feels quite autumnal.  My seeds for next season have arrived so I am planning what to grow and in the spring I will get myself some more hens so I should be up and running a bit better next season.  I still have a couple of projects to get done before we shut down for the winter.  As yet I haven't managed to get a tree surgeon to look at my Rubinia.  The one I contacted didn't bother to reply so I will try another.  It would be handy to have the work done by the autumn and so reduce some of the leaf litter. I would also like a couple of panels of trellis put up so I can grow the new clematis up it and as it is winter flowering that needs doing sooner rather than later.

Time to get the bins out and make some decisions on the food front I have some nice sirloin steaks in the freezer which would go well with the runner beans and some of the frozen duchess potatoes.  


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