Wednesday morning

After the great courgette cook up guess what arrived in my veg box - yep you've guessed it more courgettes.  I also have some tomatillos which I have never used before so I will have to have a look on the net for some ideas as to what to do with them.  They seem to be used a lot in mexican cookery in place of tomatoes so perhaps a salsa.  

I spent some time in the garden yesterday destroying some winter flowering jasmine which has got completely out of hand and besides I need some space for the new plants I have ordered.  Gardens are constantly evolving so sometimes things have to go to make space for something new.  Sadly I don't have an estate where space is not a problem.  Can you just imagine riding around your estate with the head gardener organising what you would like done!!!! I really should start doing the lottery!!!!  

This morning we have some welcome rain which has two benefits one it keeps me out of the garden and two it gets it all watered.  I have stood the orchids outside so they too can benefit from the rain water.  I picked yet another load of figs yesterday and as Shiona is due today I thought I would make yet another fig tarte tatin.  I have loads of salad ingredients so whatever we have it will be with an assortment of salads.

I got all the washing dry yesterday so today it is ironing day but that will be a pleasant pastime in this nice cool weather.  I am hoping that Shiona and I can get our diaries together and plan the use of the caravan which is booked in for the last two weeks of September.  She and Keith would like one week and James and I will have the other.  The difficulty is that I am the only one with a car big enough to tow the van to the site so I have to collect and return it.  Anyway I'm sure we'll sort something out.  

Well that about it time to get stuck into the ironing, oh joy unbounded!!!!!
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