Tuesday Morning

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Yes it was a Bank Holiday, so guess what, rain, rain and more rain.  It started around 9am and continued non stop all day.  Fortunately, the dogs were got out nice and early so at least they didn't get soaked.  I also went out and put some salt on the grass that is growing between the patio stones and the rain has washed it in and hopefully it has not been too diluted to do the job.  I use salt to kill the weeds on hard standing and where there is no risk of it leaching into the flower beds.  I discovered this by accident when I emptied a large bucket of brine onto the patio and low and behold the weeds all died.  I do believe the romans actually used this method to destroy areas so it is not a new invention.

With the weather so dismal it was a pretty nondescript day we watched silly old films and just pottered around.  I did go to the shops to get some fresh parsley for my prawns but other than that it was a case of battening down the hatches and staying huddled in the house.  Now as luck would have it as I drew up in Tesco's car park the car next to me, also drawing in, was covered in advertising for a tree surgeon so I have one of his cards and will be ringing him today to organise a bit of work on my trees.  I think I am past the climbing on steps pruning stage and it is better left to the professionals.

Today we are expecting Denny to come and work her magic and as yet I have not had any ideas for food but I do have some  pork belly slices which would be nice with some homemade barbecue sauce cooked in a slow oven.  My vegetable box is due today but it has not been coming until very late in the afternoon so it is useless for lunch.
  • onions 
  • bunched beetroot 
  • French beans 
  • mixed salad leaves 
  • mini cucumbers 
  • vine tomatoes 480g 
  • mushrooms chestnut 200g 
  • sweetcorn 
  • chillies (free) 
The only thing I find hard to deal with is the wretched beetroot it is not my favourite vegetable and I do get sick of it at this time of the year.  The chillies are somewhat superfluous but they will go in the freezer.

The sun is just beginning to creep up and light the sky and at the moment it is dry but I don't expect that to last long as we are in for another day of rain.  The laundry is mounting but there is little or no chance of drying outside and the rest of the week also looks pretty damp so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and use the tumble dryer.  Joy I see from your blog that you spent your day productively dealing with the plums.

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