Tuesday Morning

As you can see my orchids are doing well though they are coming to the end of their second flowering.  I have no idea when or how they flower I just wait and hope and eventually something happens.

Yesterday was as expected rather chilly and very wet in the afternoon so it was just as well that I got everything done in the morning.  The leftover cabbage and potatoes got fried off with an onion and with it I did another dish from the Mary Berry book.  Really easy and very tasty.  Take a chicken thigh and remove the bone from the centre and replace it with a chipolata sausage then wrap in a rasher of bacon and cook.  It takes longer than you think as the heat has to penetrate through the meat of the chicken and then through the sausage. Definitely not rocket science but very tasty and easy to do in the halogen oven.  

Today my mind is blank and I have nothing in mind for food so it may well be a pasty from the baker and a takeaway for supper for the men as I am out with Sandy this evening.  The weather forecast is for another day of rain and the temperatures are well down.  Let's hope September is a bit better as I have a holiday booked for the second week.  Mind you I don't go for the weather just the rest and change of scenery however dry weather does make caravaning with dogs easier.  The site I use has sand instead of soil so it never gets muddy even in the terrible weather.  Once dry sand is easily removed.  I once saw a man take his dogs out in a downpour and he had on shots a kagool and flip flops.  My first thoughts were that he was crazy but when I thought about it I realised it is much easier to dry legs than jeans in caravan.  The caravan shower cubicle has lots of hooks for hanging wet coats where they can safely drip dry away from the soft furnishings and carpets.  Wet dogs get banished to the car until they are dry or they get a going over with the hair dryer.

At the moment the sun is shining and the sky is blue so I am going to get a load of whites on while the going is good.  Have a great day all........
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