Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day just the usual housework, shopping and laundry.  However I was thrilled that I managed to get all the washing dry and in before the rain started.  We had a couple of downpours around lunch time and again in the early evening but nothing to write home about.  I also managed to catch 4 fish for my friend who needs some for her pond and believe me I have plenty to spare.  Catching them is no mean feat as they are pretty quick.  I only had to transport them a few doors up the road so a trug bucket was ideal for the job but water is pretty heavy to carry.  

I am still waiting for my cake tin to arrive but apparently there was some error in the card number so probably my fault, anyway all sorted so I am hopeful that today will see the parcel arrive.  Mike is at last showing signs of improvement and actually came shopping with me which is the first time in over a year so that is progress.  I think the penny has finally dropped that the only person who can help him is himself and there are no magic pills which will make you 20 again. Growing old gracefully is not easy and it is pretty depressing but you do have to make an effort each and every day. 

While we were shopping I bought some Ecuadorian prawns from Aldi which I simply threaded onto skewers as they had their jackets on and put on a red hot griddle pan.    They were really delicious and just as I remember prawns used to taste.  We had started off with a simple risotto then just the prawns and some salad.  The prawns cost £4.99 but there were sufficient in the pack for each of us to have 5 and given their size that was plenty.  Next time I am in there, if they still have some, I will be buying some more to keep in the freezer.  We had lunch late as James was not back from work until 2pm so come supper time none of us were hungry and we each did ourselves some toast later in the evening. 

At the moment the sky is clear with some very high cloud and a bit of a breeze but the temperature has dropped to 13 degrees so it actually feels cold.  I suppose we have become acclimatised to the heat so now this drop in temperature hits home.  

On todays menu there will be a cottage pie as I have some mince and some baking potatoes and we all love cottage pie.  The wonderful Dennie is due today so I had better get on and clear up a bit so she can work her wonders with the hoover.
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