Thursday Morning

A very late start this morning after a very sleepless night I finally gave in and took a sleeping tablet at 2am and slept solidly until 7am.  Yesterday had been a very busy day with the laundry as it was dry and windy the machine ran all day and I managed to get everything through and dry so I am quite pleased.  For supper I had done an assortment of tapas to accompany the padron peppers.  Patatas bravas, oven semi dried tomatoes and some crusty bread.  I was the only one to get a really hot pepper the remainder were sweet.  Before putting the cherry tomatoes in the oven I had tossed them in olive oil garlic and basil so there was quite a lot left in the bowl.  I couldn't bring myself to throw it away so I sliced a few big tomatoes into it and the then tore a mozzarella into pieces and added that, sort of insalata caprese.  Not exactly spanish but very tasty with the other bits and pieces.

Today I am going to accompany Sandy to look at a gun dog which she may be taking home.  She has been looking for some time and was horribly let down by a friend so lets hope this dog is the answer to a prayer.  With that in mind we are setting off around 12 midday so for lunch I am going to do some venison burgers and we may well have a takeaway curry for supper.  James is on a day off from Oxfam so he is going to walk the dogs this morning while I ponse around in the shower and go to the baker for some nice buns to serve the burgers in.  

Tomorrow the men are coming to take a few branches off my trees so I would like to take some before and after pictures but at the moment it is raining cats and dogs so I will have to wait for a break in the weather.  I expect the trees to look pretty bad once they have been pruned but they should be much better next year.

Well thats about it for this morning not much to report just the usual daily mundane running of the house.
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