Thursday Morning

Yesterday was a traumatic day with Tubby at the vet all day.  I'm pleased to say he has survived his operation but apparently he howled the place down all day.  This is no big surprise as he has never been parted from James or myself so he was very delighted to be returned home.  I had saved him some of the meat from my donner kebab that we had at lunch time and though he was still a bit sleepy he ate it with gusto.  This morning he is running around as if nothing had happened but he is on gently exercise for a few days and his stitches are due out in 10 days time.  Sadly this will be our last visit to our vet as he is finally retiring and the practice is closing.  This is devastating news as he has been my vet for as long as I can remember and I have more faith in him than our doctors practice.  He is now 75 and his wife has alzheimer's in a major way so I guess he has every right to have a few work free years but I for one will miss him terribly.  He has a great reputation among the animal owners and has always kept his prices very reasonable.  Now we will have to have a trawl around for a new veterinary practice. 

I was a bit like a damp dishcloth yesterday as I was very tired and had had very little sleep so after Tubby's return and a quick cheese sandwich I was off to bed and passed out by about 9pm.  I managed to do a couple of loads of washing and get them dry so today I have a massive pile of ironing to keep me out of mischief.  The weather is bright and sunny but the temperatures are well down and it is very chilly.  I have loads to do in the garden but my gardener is on holiday until the end of the month so I will have to wait as I will need his help.  I have rather jumped the gun with the gardenia as I don't have a place for it yet so I think it may have to spend its first winter in a container before I can establish it in the garden proper.  

My coffee supplies are low so I think I may have to take a run out to Faversham and get some more but I will ring Sandy first incase she fancies a coffee and a cake while I do my shopping.  I have loads of courgettes which I am going to make into pancakes as they freeze very well and are always handy to have available for a quick lunch or supper.  I still haven't got around to making my chiffon cake but who knows today might be the day.  Shiona is off back up to Scotland to visit her mother so I will not be seeing her for a couple of weeks.  
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