Thursday morning

Yesterday was a glorious day weather wise the sun shone and temperature was just right.  Shiona rang early to say she was coming over so I hung back on the dog walk.  After coffee and pleasantries we piled all 5 dogs in the car and off we went.  By the time we reached the paddling water there were another group of dogs also playing.  One of the owners approached me and asked if I was Diane.  I confirmed this but was looking very perplexed as I had no recognition of the person asking me.  It transpired that she is my old next door neighbours {the ones that have gone to New Zealand} sister in law and she recognised Basso from encounters in the back garden.  We stood and chatted for quite a while and in the mean time the 9 dogs had a wonderful time splashing each other.  Tubby found a puppy of his own age and the two of them did lots of sparring and rough and tumble so this meant we brought home 5 exhausted and thoroughly wet dogs.  As it happened this was to our advantage as they all went and collapsed in the sun to dry off and left us free to cook the lunch.

Lunch was nice and easy we each had a sirloin steak, just frightened by the griddle pan, with a big pile of buttered runner beans and some of the duchess potatoes that were in the freezer. So 10 minutes saw a meal on the table.  

Shiona and I spent some time discussing a friend of hers whose life had turned to chaos and she is a basket case mentally.  It is the sort of story that if you read it in a Mills and Boon book you would consider it unbelievable.  But a friend in need is a friend you would like to help and given that she has no family there is no one else who can help.  Sadly it is not always easy to differentiate between helping and interfering anyway fingers crossed things pan out well.

Today I am hopeful that my cake tin will arrive in time for me to make the cake for supper.  In the mean time I will be playing with some borlotti beans and making a nice soup for lunch.  James has another early shift so he will not be home until 2pm but soup is easily warmed up.  Today looks like it could be a damp day with lots of cloud overhead. 

Anyway enough burbling time to get on and get this show on the road have a good day all 

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