Thursday Morning

Can you believe it is Thursday already this week has just flown by.  I don't feel as if I have done much but somehow the time seems to have passed really quickly.  Shiona came yesterday and we spent a nice time in Aldi stocking up.  Sadly I have to go again today as they have some tripe chews on special offer and my dogs go crazy for them.  They stink so badly that we have to keep them in the garage but there is no accounting for taste!!! I must admit that if ever I buy Pont-l'Évêque cheese that too gets relegated to the garage for the same reason.

We have managed to finalise the holiday arrangements so James and I will have the van for the first week and then pass it over to Shiona and Keith for the second week.  I will then return on the last day and drive the van back to its parking place.  We will then have lunch together and go our separate ways.  Mike will be staying at home with Nip as they are both too old to be bothered with all the walking so I will have to make sure that there is plenty to eat in the house.  It will be Tubby's first time in the caravan but he will have his mentor Basso with him to show him the ropes.  Anyway I have a month to sort that out.  

Today is supposed to be fine so I might even get the raspberries finished and having made yet another fig tarte tatin yesterday I am not even going to look at the fig tree the birds are welcome to whatever is left.  I am heartily sick of figs!!!!! Fortunately the second crop never ripens as we don't have a long hot autumn in this country for which I am very grateful.  I do have yet more courgettes to deal with so I foresee yet more pancakes.  The last lot evaporated so they seem to be very popular.  Last night for supper I made a sort of oriental broth with loads of odds and ends of shellfish from the freezer which needed clearing up.  I had a big bunch of coriander in the fridge so it was a nice easy task and just one of the chilies from James plant was quite enough to heat it up.  As the chilies are ripening we are picking them and putting them straight into a box in the freezer and I think we will have an entire year's supply from the one plant.  

Well on that happy note I must love you and leave you or nothing will get done.  Have a great day we are destined for rain tomorrow so I intend to make the most of the sunshine today.

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