Sunday morning

Yesterday was a reasonable day weather wise because it was dry for the most part.  The first job of the day was to go and get Tubbies stitches removed.  As this would be the last time we would probably see the vet we took him a nice bottle of red wine for his retirement present.  James and I then split the chores for the morning and I did the shopping and he walked the dogs.  I find it quite a miracle that James manages to walk at all let alone take the dogs.  I remember not so long ago walking with him on his crutches and before that in his wheelchair.  He has made tremendous efforts to get back on his feet and although he is in constant pain he tries not to let it stop him getting out and about.  He seems to be quite enjoying the voluntary work he is doing for Oxfam which gets him out of the house and into contact with other people.  While living back at home is not the ideal solution it relieves him of the mundane running of the household and the financial worries of managing on very little money.  For me it is nice to have a back stop and a willing helper to share some of the work. Now if only I could motivate Mike in the same way.  I think he is improving but by infinitesimally small amounts that are almost imperceptible.  

This is the turnip and potato rosti with bratwurst and spring onions, not the most exciting of meals but a good way to lose the turnips.  

Today I have a chicken to roast but I am going to follow a recipe of Gordon Ramsay and stuff the bird with a chickpea mixture.  It is not exactly a stuffing as it is served as a vegetable side dish once it has been cooked inside the bird.   Well it is a bit different from the usual standard roast chicken so I thought I would give it a go.  I have also put all the ingredients for a gazpacho to marinade before blitzing into soup for supper.  

It is still pitch black outside so I think I have two choices either do the ironing or go back to bed and try for a bit more sleep.  I know which one is most appealing!!!!! 

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