Sunday Morning

This is the shellfish platter organised by my fishmonger that formed the centrepiece of James birthday lunch.  Along side I did a watercress and orange salad and a bowl of lemon mayonnaise and a sliced up french stick.  The three of us made a pretty large dent in the platter for lunch and prawn and crab sandwiches did us for supper.  All the detritus was put in a large meat tin and baked in the oven then from there into a pot of water and boiled for approximately 20 minutes then drained.  The resulting stock is going to fuel a risotto for lunch today along with the leftover shellfish.  As I had little to do towards the lunch I also made a big pot of curry sauce which will end up in the freezer today.  The tomato sauce is already frozen.  In order to avoid half filled boxes in the freezer once the contents is frozen I then transfer to vacuum bags which also means I can heat them by just dropping them in boiling water which saves mess and washing up.  This is also a good method for storing soup.

Yesterday was a generally nice day but we did have the odd few drops of rain and were often covered by threatening black clouds that amounted to nothing.  The temperatures are more reminiscent of November than of August but I for one am quite happy with it being cooler.

I had completely forgotten that it is a bank holiday weekend, not that it makes much difference to us retired folks, it is just another day.  The shops are still keen to sell to us so you don't even need to plan for a day of no shopping.  Somehow I can't see there being a big rush to the coast so the traffic will not be a problem either.  I think today will be a nice day pottering in the kitchen.  It is the time of year for making jams and chutneys but I still have leftovers from last year and as we eat very little in the way of preserves it is a bit pointless.  I look at the laden damson trees and feel the urge to pick but then I remember and don't bother.

My fig tree is also laden with fruit which will not ripen for which I am deeply grateful as I would be looking at a metric ton of figs to deal with. No wonder they get dried in countries where they have long hot summers.  The tree itself needs a good prune but that will have to wait until it is dormant. Pruning fig trees in leaf makes them bleed sap and risks infection getting in and destroying the whole tree. 

Anyway enough rambling time to get on with something constructive.  It is just beginning to get light I may even go back to bed and see if I can grab a little more sleep or I might get stuck into cleaning up the kitchen which got left in a bit of muddle yesterday evening.  Have a good day all whatever you have planned.
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