Sunday morning

If you didn't know already that I am crazy this should leave you in no doubt 

A big cake for a little dog but he did share it with his friends.  It does make me laugh as Chappie is one of the cheapest dog foods on the market but to the dogs it is beluga caviar, there is no accounting for taste.  

I had a mad rush around yesterday morning and visited both the fishmonger and butcher before the dreaded Tesco.  Once all the shopping was done and put away the weather had improved so it was out with the dogs for a nice run.  For lunch we had a piece of salmon which I poached and then served with cucumber and dill salad and mayonnaise.  Needless to say there were eager four footed friends who were anticipating the salmon skin.  Supper was just as fishy we had a small dressed crab each and a big chopped salad and some tiny salad potatoes.  

Today will require a bit more effort as I have a nice piece of loin of pork for lunch which I will serve with buttered cabbage more of the tiny potatoes and if I get it right some really good crackling.  Some times if the crackling is not being cooperative I remove the skin and return it to the oven while the meat rests and I get on with the gravy and vegetables.  

The weather this morning looks very autumnal with strong winds and thick cloud it is much more like October than August.  In fact it is so chilly that my central heating kicked in - it is on thermostat so it keeps the house at a constant temperature.  This is better for Mike's chest as swings in temperature tend to set his chest off.

My gardenia plant arrived in the post and I am now into 14 days of hardening off before I dare put it outside permanently.  Once the outside temperature gets up a bit I put it outside and then bring it indoors overnight when the temperature drops dramatically.

As yet I don't have a permanent position ready for it so in the mean time it will have to go into a big pot on the patio.  I know this is a bit risky as things in pots freeze more easily but if I line the pot with bubble plastic or polystyrene I hope to avoid freezing the roots during the winter.  Alternatively I may consign it to the greenhouse when the temperature really drops as that will keep it 5ºC warmer.  It has to be below -5ºC before there is any risk of freezing.

Well that is my agenda for today nothing very exciting just the usual but hopefully a restful day. The weather forecast looks interesting!!!!!!

Weather for Gillingham, England
19° 10°
19° 11°
17° 10°
19° 11°

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