Sunday morning

This is my current disaster corner as you can see it is a real tangle of roots which are going to be a great pain to get out especially as it is such a restricted space and there is an electric cable running through it for the pond pump.  I have left it for the rain to soften the ground a little so that I stand some chance of digging it over.  I was not disappointed as last night we had another downpour but not the expected hurricane winds and torrents we had been forecast. 

I did manage to get several loads of washing done and dried in anticipation of the bad weather.  Today it is very dull and damp looking but it is not actually raining at the moment.  I also used the opportunity to use up some of the vegetables that were lurking around in the fridge and for supper I made some sweet corn fritters to have with the chorizo stuffed little peppers.

Today it will be a traditional Sunday roast chicken with all the trimmings cooked as always in the halogen oven.  However rather than roast potatoes I intend to do mashed as I have a couple of large baking potatoes left over and they make better mash than roast.  I must admit I love a roast chicken as it makes several meals; there is the cold meat, a soup and a dog's meal to be had from the one bird.

My parcel from Lakeland has still not arrived so the chiffon cake is on the back burner again but as soon as it arrives I will have a go and hope it is a success and doesn't collapse on me.  Even if it does once covered in cream and raspberries I am sure it will be edible.

Other than a bit of cooking and possibly some ironing I no intentions of doing much today.  It feels like a day for collapsing in front of the TV and watching rubbish.  Having said that I watched a couple of programs about the birth of the universe and the current thinking on black holes - now I am not interested in astronomy but the program was pitched at just the right level for me to understand [primary school level] so I actually sat riveted and fascinated.  It also made a great change from all the mayhem that is going on around the world and the great war gritty realism which we are bombarded with on the TV at present.  I understand that we must not forget but I don't want to relive the whole ghastly war.  

So on that happy note I will love you and leave you and go and get on with something constructive.

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