Sunday morning

Yesterday was a day of two halves the morning was busy with getting chores done and the dogs out for a nice walk in the woods.  We started our round trip with a visit to the tip to get rid of all the detritus from the pond pump change and then on to the woods to give the dogs a good run.  We chose the woods as there is no chance of the dogs paddling in the mud and it also made it easy to swing past Tesco on the way home so I could pick up a few odds and ends.  I don't know if it was just me but the supermarket seemed to be filled with people who had left their minds elsewhere and should not have been in charge of a trolley.  Anyway I emerged unscathed with the few bits I needed.  The lamb took care of itself in the oven where I had put it covered with tin foil and with a whole head of giant garlic which quietly melted into the gravy.  Needless to say there is quite a bit left over so I will be making a shepherds pie with that today.  

I placed my order with the seed merchant and have planned exactly what I want to grow next year. Nothing very exotic just the usual runner and dwarf green beans a few courgettes which I know will be far too prolific but I would rather have too many than too few.  Then I want to establish a bed with globe artichokes which are perennial and of course some garlic.   Once this years tomatoes have finished I can strip out the greenhouse in anticipation of next years planting.  The chicken run is a complete mess at the moment but I have designs on that and intend to run a row of chicken wire along the most vulnerable side to hopefully keep Mr. fox at bay. Then come the spring I can start a new flock off in safe surroundings.  I have made a start on cutting back the raspberries but like the fool that I am I did it in a short sleeved shirt and now my arms look as if I have had a disagreement with an angry cat.  So today it is long sleeves before I tackle the remainder.  The weather has been perfect, cool mornings in which to work and warm afternoons in which to snooze.  Who could ask for more!!!!

The new filter system worked well and it had its first back flush with little or no trouble. The dirty water from the filter is just allowed to flood on to the flower bed behind the pond where I'm sure the plants will be happy with the nutrients.  All of this is achieved without having to switch off the pumping system and fish bits out of the pond so a much easier system.  Today I still have one chore from my monthly jobs to do and that is to sharpen all my knives.  If there is one thing I really hate it is blunt knives.  Then there is the bank reconciliation to do and the meter readings to be sent off but all of this is done on the computer so little effort required.

Well that is my plan for the day now all I need do is get on with it.  Making plans is easy it is carrying them out that is the problem!!!!!  Have a great day and I hope you are enjoying this nice weather now that the killing heat has dissipated.
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