Tuesday Morning

 Courgettes stuffed with tuna

 Courgette pancakes

Peppers with chorizo and tomato

You can see what kept me busy in the morning once the dogs had had their run and the laundry was on the line I fell into the the kitchen and made use of the vegetables I had. The other dish I made was a pasta and fagioli soup but it is not a good subject for photography.  This morning the only things left are the peppers and the soup the rest has evaporated.

Did I get the raspberries finished - no - I guess they are moving up the list and who know I may get them done today. However, the weather forecast is for rain tomorrow so I will get the bedding washed today while the going is good.  Then if I get the raspberries done a grand bonfire is in order this evening before everything gets wet.

Have a good one all I am off back to bed to try and get a bit more shut eye before I get stuck in to the days chores.

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