Saturday Morning

I am up a bit late this morning not feeling too special - nothing in particular just everything in general - or maybe I am just tired.  So in an effort to make myself feel a bit better I made a donation to the Gaza appeal so the children can have drinking water.  When I become world dictator I will be banning both religion and politics so don't say you haven't been warned - yes simplistic I know but don't you just hate all this stupidity.  The more I see of people the more I like dogs!!!!!!

Ok got that off my chest now last night we saw some real rain it came down is stair rods for hours which should completely revitalise the garden which was looking a little sorry for itself.  At the moment we have brilliant sunshine in a cloudless sky and temperatures that are very comfortable. Today would be a very good day to do a bit of digging if I can stir my stumps enough to actually get on with it.

Now for a little Tubby story.  Some time ago in a moment of boredom he ate his way through a leather belt which he mistook for a chew.  He was duly verbally chastised and informed that this was unacceptable behaviour.  Well it made a deep impression on him.  Yesterday James went to put a belt on his trousers and Tubby went into a terminal decline and ran and hid.  Now if any RSPCA inspector saw this behaviour he would assume that the dog had been beaten - nothing could be further from the truth but he obviously has a very strong conscience and belts are very bad things to be avoided at all costs.

Yesterday I had intended to make a chiffon cake and load it up with the raspberries I had just picked but sadly my cake tin did not arrive from Lakeland so the raspberries are in the freezer.  Maybe tomorrow if the tin arrives today.  I am no great cake maker but I do like the chiffon stuff as it is so light and doesn't feel too naughty until you fill it with cream and fruit but at least the cake part is mostly air.

Simple lunch today just a grilled burger and a large chopped salad nothing too taxing.  I have some little peppers which are going to be put through the oven with some slices of chorizo filling the cavities and a splash of oil to stop them burning.  Along with some corn on the cob they will form the basis of supper.  

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