Saturday morning

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Difficult to see the difference as there is so much of next doors apple tree in the way. Anyway job done and the most interesting thing of all is the guy doing the work had gone to the Royal ballet school.  I have never met a for real ballet dancer. Really interesting person to chat to.

The best news of all is that Sandy has her dog as it passed the vets inspection so she herself is like a dog with two tails.  He is a really lovely dog and very biddable so she will have no trouble finishing off his training.

Now on to more mundane matters thank you all for the recipes for turnips in the end I decided to make potato rosti and I grated the turnip into the grated potato in a 40 to 60 ratio.  This worked fine and the turnip was almost unnoticeable which was the intention.

Today Tubby is off to the vet to have his stitches out not that you would ever know he had any. He seems completely oblivious to his operation.  If only us humans were so able to ignore our wounds in the same way.  We did have a small incident when we were out for our walk a rather silly man came hammering down the path on a bike and only the previous day I had warned him that the dogs don't understand bicycles.  When he rounded a corner and we heard one yelp then an almighty crash. Tubby had knocked him clean off his bike. He was in a heap on the path wearing his bike and Tubby was hiding in bush convinced he had been attacked.  Neither was hurt and hopefully both have learned to keep out of each others way.  I think there may be a new found respect on both sides it was a good job he hadn't run into Basso as that would have been like hitting a brick wall at speed.

According to the weather forecast we are in for another day of rain but at the moment it is dry however this is often the case the dawn is beautiful then the bad weather rolls in.  There are not too many advantages of getting up early but the dawn is one of them.

Ok until tomorrow dear readers have a good weekend.....
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