Saturday Morning

Beautiful San Marzano tomatoes found in the £1 bag section of the veg department.  These will make a lovely sauce to tuck in the freezer for later.  Sandy and I breakfasted on scramble eggs on thick slices of granary toast.  I washed mine down with a cappuccino [no chocolate] while Sandy had a pot of tea with hers.  The only problem with this is that I was not interested in lunch having only just eaten so it was every man for himself.  The shop had 4 different types of Gouda cheese to taste and I finally settled on a young goats milk one.  It has no goat taste but is a very nice creamy tasting cheese which is not too strong but will slice and grate well it also looks as if it will melt well but that we will have to wait and see.  I also topped up on my ingredients for my curry sauce as the freezer is now empty as well as 3 kilo bags of coffee which should keep us going for a while.  

Today is James Birthday and for lunch I have ordered a fish platter from the fishmonger which I will go and fetch on my trip out to do a few errands.  Hopefully this means that all I have to do is prepare a nice accompanying salad.  Tubby has been on house rest since Wednesday so I think he could be allowed a proper walk today.  He is bounding about as if nothing has happened so he doesn't seem to have any pain.  The forecast is for rain but at the moment we have a glorious sunrise with just a few fluffy white clouds, however this means nothing, the dawn is usually lovely but the black clouds only take minutes to appear.  

I have loads to do today so I am going to cut this short and get myself into the shower then get started on the curry and tomato sauces.  Then out to do the errands and back in time for a nice leisurely lunch.

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