Saturday morning

First things first today is Tubby's first birthday so a Chappie cake will be on the menu for supper. Our lovely neighbours who are renting next door are moving out and the house will be on the market as our old neighbours have decided to move permanently to New Zealand.  My fingers are crossed that we get nice people moving in.

Now a quick comment for Anne I did the tomatoes as per the recipe but omitted the sugar as I am not a sweet toothed person and it worked fine.  Can I recommend using the said tomatoes to fill baked potatoes.

This is the pasta and spinach with three cheeses from the recipe book as you can see there is a liberal sprinkling of cheddar cheese on the top which when cooked became crusty and brown.  It didn't dawn on me until I was eating it that this would make a very nice dish for vegetarians provided they were not too concerned and require rennet free cheese etc.  But it would suit the type who just don't eat meat.  I also used chicken stock but that is easily changed to vegetable if needed.  I also didn't have mascarpone cheese so I substituted a small piece of feta that was lurking in the back of the fridge and mixed it with a healthy dollop of double cream.  Anyway the most important thing is that it was really lovely and we all tucked in with gusto.  I had made it at the crack of dawn and then just popped it in a 200 oven for 25 minutes when required.  The interesting variation was the tomato sauce which entailed frying off some onion and garlic until soft then to that was added some flour and stock to form a fairly thick sauce before adding the tin of tomatoes.  This resulted in a fairly thick sauce which clung well to the pasta.

Well you already know that I am a bit crazy so I made some biscuits for the dogs they may look very bland but they have a tin of sardines in oil with wholemeal flour and an egg so all good things but they do smell rather odd.  

So what is on todays menu?  Well I fancy cold poached salmon with mayonnaise and a cucumber and dill salad.  The only problem is all I have towards this lunch is the cucumber so a trip to the shops will be my first port of call.   I love dill as a herb but have never had any success growing it so I always have to buy it.  It may be a good idea while I am at it to make some gravadlax which takes a few days in the fridge and will make a nice midweek supper dish with a big green salad.

Well that about it for today I have a late start as I was up at 3am but decided to go back to sleep and I managed from 5 till 7 so that is better than a kick in the head all I now hope is that I don't end up with a killer headache.

Until tomorrow have a good day all....................
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