Saturday Morning

Yesterday being the first of the month I had great ideas of doing all the monthly chores but as it turned out I did none of them.  However, I did work solidly through the day, first there was the trip to the tip to get rid of the old fridge which the guys were kind enough to haul out of the back of the car and stack for me.  Once back home I started to refill the car with all the other rubbish which will also need a trip to the tip but that can wait until I am ready.  Then it was on with the cottage pie which had a piped potato top.  Well, my order for 50 disposable savoy bags had arrived from Lakeland so I had to have a go with one. The left over mash was then piped onto a tray and browned off in the oven.  If I remember correctly they are called duchess potatoes anyway as they were surplus to requirements they are now in the freezer.  I caught up with the laundry and then cursed when my iron decided to leave brown smears all over some newly washed whites.  So while they were being rewashed I decided to give the iron a good decoke and from now on I will be filling it with water from the Bibo which not only has been through the softener but also the two internal filters of the machine.  

The new fridge got gradually filled with the stuff from the fridge in the garage which is usually only used as an overflow fridge.  I am delighted with it and it makes a big difference to have a fridge with a door that closes every time.  Then I got on with a bit of gardening and made a start on cutting out the dead canes of the raspberries.  We are about to get a second flush of raspberries and the canes carrying fruit will get cut down in late winter or early spring.

James did his first voluntary session at the Oxfam shop in Rochester and came home tired but happy which was lovely.  Tubby had really missed him and sat behind the front door waiting for his return he is very much a one man dog.  

A Thomson Morgan catalogue arrived in the post and they have two plants which I am desperate to buy.  One is a hardy gardenia and the other is a winter flowering clematis they are both quite expensive but very lovely so I may just go ahead and make the purchase.  Once I had started down that line I also made a plan for the vegetable beds next year.  This is the first year that they have been left fallow and are now full of weeds so there will be a nice bit of digging to clear them ready for the spring.  I also would like to buy some bulbs so that I have a good spring show and perhaps some winter flowering pansies which are always a cheery sight on a cold winters morning.

Clematis napaulensis

gardenia crown jewels

Who could resist these?

We had a good downpour last night so the garden is looking a bit fresher this morning and the temperatures are down to comfortable so I may yet get some of my monthly chores done.  I have a shoulder of lamb which I am going to slow cook with rosemary and garlic and no doubt the leftovers will be made into a shepherds pie.

That's about it for now time to get the lamb in the oven if it is to have its allotted four hours and be ready for lunch.
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