Monday Morning

Well at last I have got around to making the chiffon cake.  The new tin worked really well and as you can see I went for a very simple filling just some whipped cream and raspberries from the garden.  I was going to pipe the cream but ran out of enthusiasm so it just got dolloped on instead.  The remainder of the shellfish made a really nice risotto and it was the stock made from all the prawn heads and shells that actually made the flavour.  For supper we went German with some bratwurst with cabbage cooked in cider.  I used the slow cooker for this filling it with cabbage and chopped onion then laying the grilled bratwurst on top and leaving it for many hours to quietly bubble away.  Needless to say the cake made a nice dessert for both lunch and supper and this morning there is just one portion left.  When I went to pick the raspberries Tubby came with me and was happily picking his own until he discovered it was much easier to steal the ones I had picked and put in a punnet. He's not daft is he?

The recipe

5 eggs separated into two bowls

with the yolks 
120g caster sugar
70ml oil
130 ml milk 
160g flour one third of which was cornflour for lightness
3/4 tsp baking powder {optional}
1/4 tsp salt

with the whites 
90g caster sugar

Beat the yolks and caster until light and fluffy then gently add the remaining ingredients.  Meanwhile beat the egg whites until stiff then add the sugar a tsp at a time until you have a very nice glossy meringue.  Combine both the yolk mixture with the meringue and put in a tin.  Level off the tin and put in a preheated oven at 180ºC for 65 minutes.  Turn the tin upside down and allow to cool completely before attempting to remove the cake from the tin.  

I have seen many different recipes but this is the one I used.  The oil is just to make it keep longer but as it lasted less than 24 hour it was probably superfluous.  With the addition of 30 g of cocoa powder it makes a chocolate version.  I added the grated zest of a lemon otherwise it is just a bit too much like cotton wool to eat.  An electric whisk is essential unless you have the muscles of a cart horse and the energy of a 17 year old.

Today, according to the weather forecast, it is due to rain all day however the dogs are going stir crazy as they have been on house rest to keep Tubby company.  Today we intend to take them for a good blast rain or no rain.  Tubby's wound is healing well but we still would like to keep him out of the water if possible.  High tide is not until nearly 2pm so if we get out this morning we should be able to walk with no danger of him going for a dip.

Today for lunch we are back to Italian with some really good quality linguine that I bought in Faversham and with it I intend to do some of the lovely big prawns we got from Aldi and a nice mixed green salad.  In true Italian style I will dress the pasta with the juices from the pan where I have cooked the prawns with oil, garlic and parsley.  The prawns will be served afterwards with the salad. All nice and quick and easy leaving plenty of time for dog walking.  The prawn heads and shells will be collected for the freezer until I need another shellfish stock.  I keep a bag in the freezer and gradually add to it before I make the stock in the same way as you might keep chicken carcasses for the same purpose.

Well that is the plan as yet it is not raining but it is still dark and the sun is not yet creeping over the trees.  Do you have any plans for the day? and what is on your menu?

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