Monday morning

Yesterday was as expected a windy and showery day.  The temperatures are quite low and this morning we are down to 12ºC [53ºF for our american friends] which for August is pretty cold and autumnal.  James took the dogs for a walk quite early and missed the first of the showers while I got on with the roast pork lunch.  It was a small joint, essentially 3 chops worth, so the timing was quite difficult.  I always find it easier to roast a big piece of meat, anyway with the use of my handy meat thermometer I managed to get it just right.  In order to get the crackling under way early I put the meat into the oven at 300ºC which is as hot as it will go and then immediately turned it to 180ºC for the remainder of the cooking.  This seemed to work well and the crackling was perfect.  By the time lunch was done the weather was foul so it was a case of watching rubbish on the TV as there was little else to be done.  James had volunteered to do supper and we had a plate of pasta with pesto alla genovese for supper. The pesto was home made and frozen and I had toasted off a few extra pine nuts to add to the mix.  Today I have left over potatoes and cabbage but no meat so I can see a bubble and squeak being on the menu with perhaps some sausages to accompany it.

I have woken the entire household this morning by sitting on the edge of the bath which I had forgotten was switched on.  It is a jacuzzi type bath with both air and water jets - being empty the sound of the motor switching on was akin to starting up jet aircraft.  We don't often use it in its jacuzzi mode but it is wonderful if your body is suffering from over exertion.  We have very low water pressure so the bath takes a week to fill and I have usually lost all interest by the time it is ready so the shower is the most used bathing facility.  

After reading lots of people cost cutting measures I read about substitutes for shampoo and decided to give one a go and washed my hair with bicarbonate of soda and some conditioner.  Well I am pleased to report that my hair is lovely soft and shiny so this may be a new way to wash my hair.  I must admit that it is nothing to do with economy just something different to try.  I use bicarbonate for quite a few cleaning jobs around the house and find it very useful and a cheap alternative to some of the commercial cleaners.  A teaspoonful down the drain hole in the sink with a little vinegar to follow results is lots of froth and a very sweet smelling sink and touch wood I have never had a blocked sink problem.

James has an early shift at Oxfam so the dog walk will fall to me and given the weather I think the sooner I get out with them the better.  According to the weather forecast we are in for a week of showery cold weather.  I must admit I prefer this to the killing hot weather it is always so much easier to get warm than to cool down.  If the weather is grotty I may even make the chiffon cake and see how it turns out now that I have the correct tin.  There are still some raspberries to pick but all the rain and wind has rather spoiled them.  

Time to get underway - have a good day all........
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