Monday morning

Well Bertha came and Bertha went with little or no real problems.  Yes it rained and yes the wind blew but nothing that is not usual we had a couple of flashes of lightening and a couple of claps of thunder but that was it.  I really love storms so I was quite disappointed.  The only item of note was that I chose a rather wet moment to walk up the road to the shop and got pretty soaked but when I blew my hair dry afterwards it was very soft and silky - rainwater is definitely really good for your hair.  I have wonderful memories of huge storms in Nigeria and also some pretty spectacular thunderstorms in Italy so this was a bit of a damp squib by comparison.  James had managed to get the dogs walked before the weather turned so not too much smell of wet dog in the house.

As predicted the chicken did us for both lunch and supper and the carcass has done its stuff in the slow cooker so I will have some really good stock to use today.  I feel a risotto coming on as that does really rely on the quality of the stock for its flavour.  I am hopeful that my chiffon tin should arrive today in which case I may get my cake made and from what I have seen the raspberries haven't suffered too much from the rain so there should be plenty to decorate with.  My vegetable stocks are very low but the box arrives tomorrow so I will make do with what I have - onions and garlic and lettuce with the odd tomato from the greenhouse and some carrots which are ready to pull.  It doesn't sound too promising but I am sure I will be able to cobble something together from what I have.  I have some left over mash which last time I piped into duchess potatoes and froze.  They came in very handy as I could just blast them in the oven straight from frozen so I may just do that again.

As I look out of the window this morning the sky is clear and blue and the sun is shining brightly it looks like a spectacular day but I believe that it will not last and we are in for more rain later in the day so I must make the most of what good weather we have.  Needless to say the laundry has piled up yet again so that should be one of the first jobs.  There is a fair breeze blowing so it should dry very quickly.  

One of my trees in the garden has gone a bit mad and could really use some proper pruning so I am hoping to get a proper tree surgeon to come and give it a hair cut before it gets completely out of hand.

I think it will look a bit of mess after it is done but it will be better in the long run and will take some of the shade from the flower beds.  It is a very pretty tree but left to its own devices it will be 30 feet tall and then prone to falling in the strong winds.  

Well that about it for this morning time I got underway have a good day and I hope Bertha was not a problem for you.
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