Monday morning

One of my orchids seems to have thrown off some shoots with roots so I have planted them and we will see if they develop into plants or just die off.  Perhaps the mother plant is getting ready to die off who knows anyway I thought I would give it a go and see what happens.

I took the dogs out for their walk early yesterday morning. There is just one set of traffic lights en route which incidentally are always red when I get there but apparently they are nothing to do with cyclist who just ride through regardless.  One day one will get hit by oncoming traffic but you can bet it will somehow be the motorist fault.

Anyway after the walk I picked yet another bowl of figs so I decided to run them out to Faversham and give them to Sandie and in return she has given me loads of courgettes and runner beans.  The runner beans were eaten with our shepherds pie for lunch and the courgettes are going to end up as courgette pancakes and various other dishes.  I like them plain boiled and then dressed while hot to make a nice side dish either hot or cold.  Then I like them with other roasted vegetables or fried with garlic and parsley anyway I have plenty to play with.   

I couldn't go that close without a quick stop at the wonderful food shop but I only bought a few bits and pieces amongst which were some fresh borlotti beans which today will be made into soup with some small pasta.  This is a very traditional Italian soup very simple with few ingredients but big on flavour.

Yesterday saw me finish all the monthly jobs my knives are now razor blades which makes preparation work so much easier.  The test for me is, can you slice a soft tomato without crushing it - if you can then your knives are sharp.  I had dressed sensibly in long sleeves as I had intended to finish thinning out the raspberries but I never got around to it so they are still on my to do list.  If I can find time I will continue with them today.  Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing his tail I just never seem to get ahead with all the things which need doing and the list just gets longer instead of shorter.

My "self filling" laundry basket is full again so the machine will be in action getting that lot done but at least I hope that my iron will not be leaving great brown streaks on my newly washed linen.  I have also changed the ironing board cover which was looking a little sorry for itself.  Many years ago I bought a pack of 6 ironing board covers so I can take them off and wash them but this is a job that always seems to be on the bottom of the list.

Now just a quick word about EMDR treatment which James has been having recently and with great effect he is now able to sleep without the intrusion of nightmares and is sleeping for England which is wonderful to see.  I am a great believer in sleep being restorative giving both body and mind time to heal.  I will however have to wake him this morning as he has a shift at the Oxfam shop.  Tubby, being a one man dog, just sits by the front door and waits for him to come home.  All the dogs understand that if we say we are going shopping then they are not coming so I'm afraid we lie to them quite often.  

Well thats about it for today time to get this show on the road.  Have a good day all.......

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