Friday morning

This is one of the heritage tomatoes that are growing in the greenhouse and they all have this really peculiar shape.  However they are very meaty and have a lovely flavour.  Talking of tomatoes in my vegetable box this week came a bag of tomatillos which look like a cross between a cape gooseberry and a green tomato.  Not knowing what to do with them I had a trawl around on the net and found that they are largely used by the mexicans to make salsa so that is what I did.  The results were poor they taste like green tomatoes with very little flavour and are not something I would rush to buy again.

Yesterday was very hot and sultry with big black clouds scudding ominously by but I did finally manage to finish cutting back the raspberries and do a bit of pruning of the trees in the chicken run.  It was my intention to have a bonfire last night but sadly I was so shattered that by the time the golfers had given up I was too tired to be bothered. My bonfire would have the 13th tee wreathed in smoke so I have to wait until dark.   As yet it is not raining but we have been forecast rain for most of the day so the bonfire will have to wait.  I am hoping that it does rain a lot as I have some plant roots to remove but the ground is like concrete and I would need a pickax to get them out however after a bit of rain it might be a bit easier.  Gardening is very forgiving and there is always the right weather for each job if you can make yourself available to make the most of it.

James is off for a shift at Oxfam this morning so I will be on dog walking duty and I think the sooner I get out with them the better.  I did have a little chuckle yesterday when I offered Tubby a fig - he tried it and decided it was inedible so I offered it to Basso who is fond of figs.  With that Tubby wolfed it down. He didn't like it but he wasn't going to let anybody else have it.  It is no wonder we anthropomorphise they are so like us in many ways!!!!!

Anyway enough burbling on, time for the shower and out with the dogs before the deluge begins.

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